Loki Wallpapers

Though a fictional character and a mythical figure, the Norse mythology says that, Loki was the adopted brother of the Norse god Thor, who is associated with thunder, lightning, storm, and a few such forces of nature. Loki belongs to the race of the giants. Time and again, he has appeared in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Download these amazing Loki Wallpapers.

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Toothless Wallpapers

The Toothless is a very cute dragon character, Hiccup’s dragon, in the film franchise ‘How to Train Your Dragon. This wonderful mythical animal is sure to captivate you and your heart by its charm and funny expressions. All you have to do is download these wallpapers and stick them to your computer desktop, smartphones, tablets, phablets, iPhone, or any other gadgets.

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Religious Wallpapers

Religion is a beautiful word that has kept us mesmerized for thousands of years. Religion is a mystic thought, a mysterious idea that can only be perceived through different ways – meditation, abandonment, passion, worship, prayers, knowledge, experiences, love, faith, trust, belief, philosophy, science, hymns, actions, devotion….. and thousands more. However, it is said that all these paths but lead to the same ‘God’, or the figurehead of the respective religion – the form, eventually leading to the formless omnipresent. Here is a few divine and blissful Religious Wallpapers that are sure to fill your heart and mind with instant relaxation, joy, and bliss!

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Randy Orton Wallpapers

Who does not know Randy Orton, the hunky, handsome, talented and versatile American professional wrestler, and actor! He is one of the ‘most-wanted’ wrestler superstars people look for. His muscles, strength, style, and moves all contribute together to his popularity. Here are a few of the choicest Randy Orton wallpapers for you to download. All for free, and in HD. Just try them on your e-gadgets.

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Mandala Wallpapers

A ‘Mandala’ is the symbolism of divinity and spirituality that mainly evolved from the Indian scriptures and the texts from the different Tantras. These Tantric geometrical designs are the psychological and scientifically patterned symbolization of the universe, with hundreds of these mystique designs representing a particular theme or God (and His different manifestations in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc.). Each of these Mandalas has a particular energy and a unique power, and even is extremely and strong, bestowing the Yogis with everything they look for. Let the aura of the Mandalas surround you with those special auras with these wonderfully divine Mandala wallpapers.

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